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Podder Than Hell Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

This week, the gang is joined by KISS aficionados Rob Kelleher and Scott Sadowski as they talk about the best non-makeup Gene Simmons songs. From "Lick it Up" to "A**hole," everyone finds a log to put in the fireplace of classic Gene songs.


Hosted by Steve Wright, Brian "BC" Chapman and Ryan "BB" Bannon


Sep 20, 2019

This week, Mark Anthony K joins the gang in talking about their favorite rock duos. Dylan talks about Freddie Mercury and Brian May from Queen, Steve brings up Steve Perry and Neil Schon from Journey, BC chooses Dave "Snake" Sabo and Scotti Hill from Skid Row and Mark picks Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush. You...

Sep 13, 2019

Word to the wisdom tooth! This week, the gang talk about the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of 90's replacement singers. From Van Halen to Anthrax and everything in between, the gang finds some stuff to love and stuff to hate.

Albums Covered: "Van Halen III" (Van Halen), "Jugulator" (Judas Priest), "Bite Down Hard...

Sep 6, 2019

This week, Steve and BC sit down with returning guest Carl Canedy and David "Rock" Feinstein of the legendary metal band The Rods. They go through their storied career, hitting on playing in Europe as opposed to the United States, being in a band with David's cousin Ronnie James Dio, and many more. You won't want...

Sep 3, 2019

Check out our second part of the RNP3 interviews where we sat down with Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons' backing band Thee Rock N' Roll Residency and Exodus bassist Jack Gibson!